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Top Tips for Sourcing Freelance Workers via an Online Marketplace

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Work Market Study Shows Freelance and Independent Contractor Workforce Poised to Transform Businesses’ Human Capital Strategies

Work Market published a press release to announce the publication of their latest white paper, A Snapshot of the Onsite Freelance & Contractor Workforce. The white paper provides detailed insight into the inner workings of this on-demand workforce and shows how companies can build and leverage their own onsite freelance workforce as part of a […]

5 Differences Between A Freelance Marketplace And A Managed Database

When a company needs to source—and then manage—vendors, contractors, and freelance talent, what’s the best, most effective way of doing so? Traditionally, companies have relied on contractor databases or have utilized service and staffing providers to find/manage talent. With the emergence of freelance marketplaces, a new—and exponentially more effective—method of managing third parties is now […]